Thursday, 13 March 2014

Why did your client sell via a different conveyancer?

Have you ever been tempted to look at land registry data to check how many clients had sold their properties in the last few years and not used your services? That may seem like a futile endeavor as the cow has left that barn... Why give yourself the aggravation?

I suspect that most lawyers convince themselves that a client did not return purely because of price. After all, conveyancing can be purchased over the internet for under £100. Alternatively, one may blame the estate agent as having strong-armed the client into using their preferred lawyer in return for a brown-paper envelope. 

In fact, if a client uses a different lawyer for their next transaction it is with the intention of finding a ‘better’ lawyer. 

I have no doubt that there's a place in the conveyancing market for the “cheap-enough, good-enough” alternative, but I would like to think that sustainable growth and long-term loyalty come from being better.

If your conveyancing service doesn't measure up, the answer isn't to lower your fees or offer a refund to the disappointed client. You need to invest in improving your service. So much so, that they will tell friend and family or write reviews on-line. We’re in a word-of-mouth era of marketing, with your reputation directly affected by your client’s list of Twitter followers or Facebook friends..

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