Monday, 4 February 2013

Why conveyancers should join e-DRS

The Land Registry has recently introduced a new registration system allowing conveyancing lawyers to submit applications and documents electronically.There are a number of benefits our conveyancers can expect from e-DRS such as:

  • The e-submission of applications and the removal of postal delivery will reduce average end-to-end processing time
  •  All applications will be received and responded to electronically, creating an audit trail. This will provide a useful tool in the prevention of fraud.
  • The e-service will support your efforts to slim down on your bulky paper files. It will also provide an opportunity to reduce costs such as DX, postal and manual processing
As well as the above benefits, e-DRS will also provides a number of services that will make the application process easier.

  • e-DRS builds on the e-lodgement and e-delivery application types already available through the Land Registry.
  • It enables you to electronically lodge a suite of applications that are currently submitted through paper–based systems.
  • The service will allow substantive registration applications and transaction types (form AP1 and scanned versions of accompanying documents) to be submitted by a signed-up organization with legally qualified supervision.
  • Applications will be registered by Land Registry and the completed application returned to electronically.
As mentioned in previous blogs please note that lenders may have specific instruction set out in their CML Handbook requirements when it comes to e-DRS.

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