Sunday 10 April 2011

The problem of evidence-based marketing to conveyancers

I have come to the conclusion that lawyers do not like evidence based marketing. It may work for scientists but not for lawyers. That's how science works. Thesis, test, evidence, conclusion. All testable and rational.

Here's the conversation that needs to happen before one invests a lot of time in evidence-based marketing in the face of sceptical lawyers: "What evidence would you need to see in order to change your mind?"

Of course, evidence isn't the only marketing tactic that is effective to conveyancers. In fact, it's often not the best tactic. What would change his mind, what would change the mind of many people resistant to evidence is a series of eager testimonials from other lawyers who have changed their minds. The best example of this is Chancel search and Chancel Insurance. When a critical mass of lawyers clearly and loudly proclaim that they've changed their minds, a ripple effect starts. First, peer pressure tries to repress these flip-flopping outliers. But if they persist in their new mindset, over time others may come along. Soon, the majority flips. In the legal world it's slow, but it happens. It’s why solicitors will eventually embrace change whether it is by joining the likes of QS or adopt new risk management tools .

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