Thursday 7 April 2011

A few conveyancing questions for you :

* Arm’s length Transactions. When is it permissible to act for both parties? Do you understand the rules?
* Are you familiar with the types of instruction that may be acceptable from a lender, in compliance with R.3?
* Guidance on Conflicts and Confidentiality
* Identification issues: what is acceptable to the Lender? How are the requirements different for Licensed Conveyancers?
* What warranties are you giving to the lender in the Certificate of Title?
* Valuation issues
* What searches must be carried out and when might you exercise professional judgement?
* Building Regulations and Planning Control: essential advice for the purchaser and lender’s requirements
* Powers of Attorney: do you know what is acceptable to the lender?
* Leasehold management companies: must they be a party to the lease? What is acceptable to the Lender?
* Insolvency considerations: best practice
* Professional Consultant’s Certificates: what is acceptable?
* Road and Sewer agreements: Lender’s requirements
* Transfers of Equity
* Registration formalities. How do the BSA instructions differ from the CML part 1?
* When a lender changes their P2 or Specific Requirements

If you immediately know the answers to the above questions you probably don't need to use LENDERmonitor.

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