Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Cutting out the bad apples

On the 20th October 2010 Michael Coogan Director of the CML advised at the Property in Practice Conference “…. we do not yet know if CQS will meet our expectations for monitoring, supervision and auditing or that it will have an annual budget to ensure it is robust. And robust is not just record-keeping firm details – vetting – but also cutting out the bad apples – selective surgery.”

Yesterday Mr Coogan was quoted as stating “….Any conveyancing firm which wants to continue to act on behalf of lenders should expect the CQS to become an important new criterion for panel management, and expect to be asked by their clients whether their firm has been accredited.”

So here is my question: What has happened between October and today? As far as I am aware the Law Society have not as yet turned down any application. Has there been any selective surgery?

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