Tuesday 19 January 2010

Property loans fraud results in Solicitor being struck off

An Irish conveyancing solicitor who engaged in fraudulent practices to obtain loans on properties, leaving a financial institution with losses of €1.25 million loss, has been struck off by the High Court.

According to IrishTimes.com, Mary Miley, formerly practising as Miley and Co Solicitors, Rathdrum, Wicklow, obtained money by pretending she was acting for a borrower called Mary Ann Dore, which was in fact herself using her married name, and used some €570,000 of that for her own personal benefit, the court heard.

The lender , Secured Property Loans Ltd is now looking to recover the funds and yesterday was successful in obtaining a freezing order over Ms Miley’s assets to the tune of €1.25 million. President of the High Court Mr Justice Nicholas Kearns agreed to a Law Society request to have papers referred to the DPP.

The High Court judge made an order that Miley should make restitution to those parties who are at a loss as a result of her behaviour. The court also ordered that she surrender her passport .

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