Saturday 16 January 2010

Advantages of land registration in the UK

Land Registration under the 2002 Land Registration Act supports land and home ownership by:

• ensuring state-backed registration, giving greater title security
• protecting against the possibility of losing title by adverse possession
• indemnifying home owners under s.103 and Schedule 8, Land Registration Act 2002 against any loss if they are deprived of their state-backed title on a rectification of the register of title for a specific property
• introducing certainty and simplicity into conveyancing
• setting out, or referring in the register to, all the rights that benefit and affect the title other than certain overriding interests
• showing the general extent of the land in each title by means of a title plan
• providing that capital can circulate freely in the economy by making land readily available as security
• making large holdings of land and portfolios of charges readily marketable.

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