Saturday 16 January 2010

Land Registry launches new Flood Risk conveyancing search

Adopting some of the latest IT, the Land Registry has recently combined its data with the Environment Agency's flood data to produce its new Flood Risk Indicator.
Homebuyers can use the Flood Risk Indicator to access clear and reliable information about the possible risk of flooding.

Customers can purchase Flood Risk Indicator on-line via the Land Registry website. After inputting address details, home buyers will receive a Flood Risk Indicator result in a couple of minutes – stating whether a specific area of land is likely to experience flooding. Customers can instantly download their result, which indicates whether or not their property is affected by a flood plain. This will assist in being able to obtain building insurance. Time will tell whether mortgage lenders will require this search to become a compulsory search within the conveyancing process.

Flood Risk Indicator raises customers' awareness of flooding, and helps them plan and prepare as a result of being better informed about the possible risks. Flood Risk Indicator is available now in the Find-a-Property section of the Land Registry website.

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