Wednesday 30 November 2016

CML Handbook Changes: Tis the Season for Melancholy

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If a conveyancing lawyer were to identify the period where they were under the most pressure it would be the last quarter of the year,being the lead-up to the seasonal holidays.
Buyers and sellers agreeing a house sale or purchase almost invariably focus on completing the deal ahead of the Christmas break. Home movers, estate agents and brokers will be emailing and calling more than any other time of the year to ensure that deadlines are met. Many lawyers have a voice in their head saying ‘if only I could be left alone to get on with the work....’
The last thing a lawyer needs is a client changing their instructions frequently during this frenetic period. As my mum used to say ‘ I need that like a hole in the head’. Yet for the last few years lenders - the most common client for many a property lawyer - pick this time of year to make their most frequent changes.
The proof is in the Christmas pudding … take a look at these charts.

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