Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Reliance on CML Handbook Changes in 2016

CML Lender Kent Reliance (a trading name of OneSavings Bank plc) has kick-started 2016’s CML Handbook changes with amendments to eleven on it’s Part 2 sections.

In changes which are consistent with predictions and trends identified in Lexsure’s 2015 Market Complexity Review ,amendments were made to the following sections:

5.4.6- Does the lender accept search insurance and, if yes, what are the lender's specific requirements?
5.7.1a- Does the lender lend on flying freeholds?
5.7.1c- If the lender is prepared to accept a title falling within 5.7 and the property is a freehold flat or flying freehold, to which contact point must this be reported?
5.14.1- What minimum unexpired lease term does the lender accept?
5.20.1- Does the lender require me to report to them where the lease does not meet the CML minimum requirements for leases of roof space for solar PV panels?
5.20.3- Does the lender have additional requirements relating to leases of roof space for solar PV panels, and if so, what are they?
6.6.4- Does the lender lend where the property comes within the definition of a house in multiple occupation? If yes, what are your requirements?
8.1- Does the lender allow me to advise any of the specified third parties?
14.2.2- Which documents must I send after completion?
16.3.7b- What form of attestation clause does the lender use?
17.2.1b- Does the lender send the discharge via a DS 1 form or direct with the Land Registry?

Kent Reliance has not made so many changes to their handbook since December 2014.

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