Thursday 18 June 2020

A Moment to Feel Like an Artist

In being a software architect designing products for lawyers I can't be certain that all the effort poured into a creation will be appreciated. 

The same is surely true or a painter or song writer. Do they 'know' for sure what will be successful? 

As a creative person it's easy to get disheartened about the lack of applause and upside immediately after you have created something.
In looking to the outside world for valuation and recognition for Lexsure's products I readily admit to worrying about appreciation and validation. 

Last night I received two emails in the space of half an hour concerning Lexsure's report on title technology (e-ROT).

Here's an extract of an email trail with a lawyer after advising that her account will go live soon. No doubt she was attracted by the time saving aspects of the software: 

Lawyer :


Right now I am just preparing a report on title and making a note of specific enquiries to be raised for a purchase on which my client wants to exchange next week and complete on the 4th July so its rather urgent and I am still not in receipt of all search results but plugging away so I am not caught out. This will take a good 3-4 hours out of my evening and I have not yet gone down for lunch so dinner will be a pass.


So when I said in the webinar 'for many lawyers the Report on Title encroaches on personal time' you really knew what I meant :-) 


Living embodiment Simon 

In the second email a lawyer simply said: 

I think it is an amazing product and a Godsend!!

A long way to go but happy to take the applause for now. 

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