Thursday 14 May 2020

Lexsure Tech goes from Luxury to Necessity

Since 2008  Lexsure’s software solutions have been adopted by over one thousand firms to assist in managing conveyancing risk and automating key documents such as Reports on Title. That being said, until recently, Lexsure products have been perceived  as a ‘great to have’ rather than a ‘must have’. 

Now more than ever, Lexsure’s portfolio of cloud-based tools including it’s pre-completion checklists, COVID -19 Alert Services and LM04 Policy Search are regarded as crucial for a firm’s survival in today’s unprecedented crisis. 

Over 300 law firms in the last three weeks have attended Lexsure’s interactive remote web conferences on how to use the Lexsure products. On-demand training videos have been viewed hundreds of times in the same period.
Conveyancing practices face a new environment. Firms now have extra motivation to explore alternative ways of working and provide new tools to upskill their team with a view to managing emerging risks.  
With remote working also comes an added pressure for COLPs and managers who are tasked with overseeing  and motivating a team from afar. For many firms, Lexsure’s product range is  ideally suited to support remote working not just in terms of oversight, but also in facilitating collaboration and knowledge sharing – all of which is more crucial than ever before.

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