Monday 8 July 2019

Searchpoint Integrates Report on Title Software

Lexsure have announced that their Report on Title platform, e-ROT, is now integrated with search provider Seachpoint, enabling conveyancing teams to forgo manually setting up cases on the e-ROT platform. Instead, as a firm orders their search bundle the case will automatically be created pre-populated with data from Searchpoint.   

With the Searchpoint integration, firms avoid any duplication of data, saving valuable time. 

It’s a good example of conveyancing support services working together through integration to bring greater efficiencies and therefore value to their client firms.

Simon Seaton, CEO of Lexsure, said: ‘As one of the most progressive search providers in the industry, Searchpoint is an important partner for our e-ROT system integration. From our early conversations with Searchpoint, they were clearly a natural fit for us to work with as we both have a strong commitment to innovative new technologies and outstanding law firm support.”

Tony Clarke of Searchpoint, says “It is clear the conveyancing market has been crying out for a better way  to generate Reports on Title. Using the e-ROT integration will save firms time optimising the reporting process. We are continuing to provide our clients with the best possible integration and functionality.”

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