Tuesday 4 April 2017

Reports on Title : How do You Find the Time?

Almost all conveyancing lawyers complain of not having enough hours in the day or being under significant time pressure. For many, there exists a feeling of being stretched or overworked.

Few would challenge the sentiment that conveyancing has become more complex in the last twenty years. Simultaneously, the industry has witnessed an increased demand for speed of transaction and better communication. Long gone are the days when there were four weeks in between exchange and completion, which believe it or not, was the norm in the mid 90’s.

With so many parties placing demands during the working day when is the conveyancing lawyer supposed to find the time - often in excess of an hour - to generate the single most important document in the purchase transaction, namely the Report on Title?

For many, the only option is to arrive at the office early or stay late or work over the weekend when the frequency of  phones or emails dies down. For others it’s booking one of the board-rooms to shut themselves off to concentrate on drafting such a crucial document.

Hardly surprising that a conveyancer can often be heard explaining to an agent or client ‘I have everything I need we just need to report to the client’. Whist that is said out loud, the internal voice is probably asking ‘how the hell am I going  to find the time to draft this report?’

Recent seminars and webinars by Lexsure have focused on ways to improve the workflow for generating a report on title not just from a speed perspective - reducing the process to a matter of  minutes - but also highlighting ways of improving risk management.

The April webinars are fully booked with 600 registrants but personal on-line demonstrations of the new e-ROT technology are now being offered. Firms can book a demo here.

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