Tuesday 10 January 2017

Santander Update 'Acceptable' New Home Warranty Schemes

Santander have just updated Section 6.7.1 of their CML Handbook Part 2 instructions to read: 

1 NHBC Buildmark
2 Premier Guarantee (New Homes; Self Build; Completed Housing)
3 BLP (Building Life Plans) residential housing warranty insurance (BLP Secure; BLP Secure Plus)
4 BOPAS (Build Offsite Property Assurance Scheme)
5 LABC Warranty (New Homes; Self Build; Completed Housing)
6 Build Zone 10 year warranty (New Home; Self Build;Completed Housing; Basic)
7 Checkmate New Home Warranty (Castle 10; Knight 10)
8 CRL Structural Defect Insurance
9 Build Assure New Homes 10 year Structural Defects Insurance
10 Global Home Warranties 10 year Structural Defect Insurance
11 Q Assure Build (Q Policy for Residential Properties)
12. Advantage (AHCI Latent Defects Insurance Policy)
13. Aedis Structural Warranties (New Build 10; Self Build 10)
14. Capital Warranties (New Build; Self Build; Completed Housing)
15. International Construction Warranties (ICW Residential New Build UK)
16. Protek (New Home; Custom Build; Self Build; Completed Housing)

Law firms, especially those on the Santander conveyancing panel need to take note. 

Other lenders, who in the last 24 hours changed their answer to Section 6.7.1, include New Life Mortgages as well as Alliance & Leicester. For lender updates subscribe to LENDERmonitor

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