Thursday, 15 December 2016

Why conveyancers cant rely on referrals

Many marketing experts will tell you that as a conveyancing practice if you do great work you can build your firm based on referrals. But is that correct?
Not necessarily.
Ask yourself what motivates a client to to take the risky step of referring your firm to friends and family.
Even if you do a good job the questions that your clients will be asking themselves are as follows:
  • Do I want to be responsible if my friend has a bad experience? Will I get credit if it works out, blame if it doesn't?
  • Does sending more business in this direction help me, or does it ultimately make my conveyancer too busy, overwhelmed, or motivate her to raise her fees?
  • Will the my conveyancer be upset with me if the person I recommend proves to be difficult, or does not pay his invoice?
  • How does it make me look? Do people like me recommend conveyancing lawyers?
  • Is this difficult to explain, complex to understand, fraught with danger irrespective of how good my conveyancer is?
  • Does it look like I'm getting some sort of special treatment in exchange (excuse the pun) ?

Meeting your client’s expectations should be a given - even the SRA require that. Exceeding a client’s expectation should be the first step. In order to earn word of mouth, you need to make it risk free, and worthwhile to overcome the natural reluctance outlined above.

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