Tuesday 13 January 2015

Changes to Northern Ireland Lenders’ CML Handbook Part 1 and Part 2

The CML have completed their work undertaken in the second half of 2014 to develop guidance for the installation of solar PV panels on roof space in Northern Ireland . The change will take place tomorrow.

The guidance, broadly, follows the same template as the existing guidance already in place for England and Wales.  To reflect the guidance the CML will be inserting the following wording into the Lenders’ Handbook Northern Ireland – Part 1 and asking lenders to update the new part 2 questions if they choose to maintain additional requirements:

5.14 Energy Technologies Installed on Residential Properties

5.14.1 Where a property is subject to legal documentation relating to roof space for solar PV panels we require you to check that the documentation meets the CML minimum requirements (Northern Ireland). The minimum requirements include a requirement that the legal documentation is a Lease of Rights and not a lease. Where you consider the minimum requirements are not met, check part 2 to see whether you must report this to us and for details of any additional requirements.

NEW Part 2 QN: 5.14.1 Does the lender require me to report to them where the lease does not meet the CML minimum requirements for leases of roof space for solar PV panels?
5.14.2 If, after completion, the borrower informs you of an intention to enter into legal documentation relating to roof space you should advise the borrower that they, or the energy technology provider on their behalf, will need to seek consent from us.
5.14.3 The CML has issued a set of minimum requirements where a provider/homeowner is seeking lender consent to enter in to legal documentation relating to roof space for solar PV panels. See part 2 for our additional requirements.

NEW Part QN: 5.14.3 Does the lender have additional requirements relating to leases of roof space for solar PV panels, and if so, what are they

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