Thursday 9 May 2013

Marketing conveyancing : saying it backwards

When it comes to marketing conveyancing services to the public the same old blurb is rolled out over and over again about about how moving home is one of the most stressful events and how choosing your firm can make all the difference. Other common messages include how cheap and fast your firm is and that clients need not attend your offices..

If what you're saying is obvious, it's entirely possible that no one is going to eagerly keep reading. If the website copy you've written is merely posturing or bragging, better to not say it at all.
Consider the alternative. Say the opposite. That your conveyancing isn't right for everyone. That your service might be overpriced. That you don't want clients who can't come in and see you.

And then tell them why. Many potential clients would love to know how you're going to wriggle out of that. And along the way, if your story is a good one, they might even give your firm a go.

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