Thursday 5 January 2012

Why do some firms not embrace risk management?

I am in the business of risk management and talk to lots of lawyers about the changing landscape of conveyancing,COLP compliance and risk. Some firms embrace risk management and some don’t but all see the need for it.

I have asked myself the question: Why do some firms, even when they recognise the need to make changes, take no action. Is it simply lethargy? Perhaps the answer is even simpler. Perhaps they simply don't want to manage their risk.

Perhaps some law firms are afraid that once they start focusing on it would mean having to be ware of what is under the carpet.

Until a lawyer quiets the resistance and commits to actually putting in place processes to manage their risk, all the SRA practice notes in the world and notes furiously taken down at CPD seminars aren't going to make a real difference.

You don't need a new risk management plan for 2012. You need a commitment.

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