Monday 22 March 2010

Land Registry launches consultation on e-conveyancing

Following the previous two consultation papers on e-conveyancing published in 2007, Land Registry has launched the third consultation on today.

The stated aim of Land Registry’s e-conveyancing programme is to make conveyancing easier for everyone, with an electronic system that makes buying and selling property less stressful for the public, conveyancing professionals and the other parties involved.

The consultation contains the Land registry’s proposals for The Land Registration (Electronic Conveyancing) Rules 2011.

These rules will introduce a proposed new electronic transfer (e-transfer),complete with electronic signatures (e-signature), and revoke the Land Registration (Electronic Conveyancing) Rules 2008, which related solely to electronic charges (e-charges). An updated version of the 2008 rules will be incorporated into these new rules so that not only “stand alone” e-charges will be possible, but also e-charges accompanying a TR1. It will be possible to combine the electronic transfer with a new e-charge so that, when also associated with an electronic discharge, conveyancing solicitors will be able to complete the formal documentation for standard transactions electronically.

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