Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Changes to post completion conveyancing

For the last few years the mechanism for lenders to discharge registered charges has been by way of an electronic notification of discharge (END). This is to change early 2010.

The END has proved to be of great benefit to the conveyancing practices as conveyancers no longer have to chase discharge forms from lenders and manually send the forms to the Land Registry. In other words, it has assisted the post completion element of the conveyancing process.

The Land Registry has stated that hopes that those lenders who currently use the END system will sign up to the new portal, which will enable them to discharge mortgages using an electronic notice of discharge of a registered charge (e-DS1). Unlike an END, an e-DS1 operates as a stand-alone application for discharge, which does not require the conveyancer also to submit a separate paper submission.

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