Monday 23 November 2009

Are estate agents breaking Home Information Pack Laws ?

Three top London agents have strongly denied breaking the Home Information Pack law.
The Association of Home Information Pack Providers initially identified the three estate agents as repeatedly listing properties without Home Information Packs.

Following their “outing” of the estate agents, AHIPP withdrew the names for legal reasons, but is standing by its overall allegation that agents, particularly in London, are routinely flouting the law on Home Information Packs.

One of the estate agents responded to the online magazine Estate Agency Today : “We are unsure as to what the basis is of this accusation. We strongly request anyone come to our office so we can show them the HIP reports we hold for the properties we are marketing.”

I am not aware of any talk within the conveyancing industry of there being any repeated problem of acting for purchasers without Home Information Packs being made available.

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