Monday 23 December 2013

Leasehold service charges under attack at Westminster

A heated debate has recently taken place at Westminster Hall where it was argued that the current leasehold system favors property management companies. 

Jim Fitzpatrick MP has opened fire on “rip-offs” faced by leaseholders in a call for reform of unfair charges and a confusing legal system. 

Mr Fitzpatrick said: “Urgent action is needed to level the playing field between leaseholders and property management companies. 

He added: “The government needs to rein in predatory property management companies with legislation that gives leaseholders a fair say and the ability to challenge any and all charges.” 

New government legislation will make it easier for leaseholders to seek redress against the property management companies, which will have to sign up to a watchdog early next year. Agents will be forced to tell leaseholders what their fees and charges are before the lease is signed.

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